Being in nature, taking some gentle exercise, slowing down and mindfully observing nature around me are important elements in my fibromyalgia management tool kit, so these posts are a way of capturing what’s going on around me and connecting me to the environment.

Well, the first month of 2022 started out as the warmest on record here in the UK1and I’ve definitely been squelching through the fields more often than I’ve been crunching along frozen paths as it has been relatively warm throughout the month.

I haven’t had the best of months health-wise and so haven’t been out walking as much as I would have liked but I have enjoyed my walks when I have been well enough.

Even the couple of frosty days we have had, the frost has only been on the surface so the ground hasn’t been properly frozen meaning that every walk has been a muddy one. One of the upsides to this has been that you do get to see plenty of animal footprints in the mud. I’m only able to identify a few different types of footprint, namely badger, roe deer and muntjac but it does fascinate me to think who treads the paths I walk when there aren’t any dog walkers around.

Frosty leaf – January 2022

The bare trees mean it’s easy to spot birds from the teeny, tiny wren flitting in and out of the hedgerows and busy blue tits pecking at moss covered branches, in contrast to the stillness of the beady eyed buzzard watching me pass by from a lofty branch.

There haven’t been too many signs of new plant life as yet out in the fields and the woods – some hazel catkins, field speedwell and the odd dandelion have been the main things I’ve spotted during January.

In the garden, a few bulb shoots are appearing, a sure sign that spring is on its way. The snowdrops and hellebores are almost flowering and the heather is looking lovely. I’ve ordered many different vegetable and flower seeds to grow this year so really looking forward to getting started again in the garden as we roll onto spring.

Hellebore – January 2022

1 – UK weather: warmest start to new year on record | UK weather | The Guardian

7 thoughts on “January 2022 – Out & About

  1. I can see the two of us share the love of all things nature. This post was a beautiful snapshot that brought me into your walk. Keep sharing, Sarah 💜


    1. Thank you for your comment Katie. Yes nature helps me a huge amount, and I love my walks. I think the fact that I’m not always well enough to get out and about means that I appreciate it all the more when I do 🙂


  2. ‘Squelching’ is a great word to capture this season’s walks. Same here. Inspired by what you say about looking for footprints, seeing who else is walking a trail (paws, hooves and all!). Fab to read about the seed order. Any particular seeds you’re looking forward to trying this year?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Leanne – thanks for the comment, sorry you’re squelching on your walks too though! I’m most looking forward to growing more veg this year – never tried to grow carrots or leeks before or tomatoes from seed either. Can’t wait to get started 🙂
    Best Wishes
    Sarah x


  4. As a fellow sufferer I sympathize, I find the winter months really hard. But today I noticed snow drops and crocus starting to appear in our garden here in Italy. The birds are so much more active too. Spring will be lovely! I hope you continue to enjoy your walks.


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