I’ve had a tough few months with lots of things going on which have worsened my fibro symptoms. One of the main problems has been struggling with insomnia, falling asleep easily enough but wide awake by 1am and may or may not get back to sleep again. Lying there, the pain kicks in, it’s impossible to get comfortable, which makes sleep even more unlikely.

Headphones and a pile of books - audiobooks can be helpful if you wake up in the night and struggle to fall back asleep
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Sleep self help books will tell you to get out of bed and do something else when insomnia strikes but if you have a light sleeping partner, this isn’t an option if you’re likely to wake them up too. And this is where audiobooks come in handy for me.

I first tried audiobooks when I was looking for something of a decent duration to listen to during the long nights of wakefulness I was going through. Podcasts are great but even the longest ones I’ve found only run for an hour or so and they may contain adverts during the course of the programme, which can be disruptive as they are often louder than the rest of the audio.

I tend to tune in to books I’ve downloaded onto my phone and I do find that they help me to drift off to sleep. And even when they don’t, at least I feel like I have done something during those long, dark hours! The benefits of listening can be the same as for reading in that by focussing on each word spoken, a distracted, monkey mind can be soothed by being given something else to think about which can sometimes be just enough to induce sleep.

That’s not to say that all audiobooks are suitable for aiding sleep. Action packed thrillers or murder mysteries might not be the way to go. I’m currently making my way through children’s classic such as The Secret Garden, The Wind in the Willows, soothing stories with a long run time which help my mind to relax, even if I don’t fall asleep.

I’d definitely recommend audiobooks if you do struggle in the night with pain and/or insomnia.

6 thoughts on “How Audiobooks Can Help With Fibromyalgia Sleep Issues

  1. This is a great use of audio books. Since having fibro my vision has deteriorated and I love listening to stories. I often listen to them in the car but will now be setting them up for those insomnia nights that we fibro folk know all too well.


  2. Oh, I forgot to say thanks so much for joining in at Fibro Friday blog link up this week. Also WELCOME! to Fibro Blogger Directory where you have been added to our NEWEST MEMBERS section on the home page, the Directory listsings and soon to be mentioned on our social media platforms.


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