So happy to be joining in with the November writing prompts over at A Chronic Voice and thanks, as always, to Sheryl for all she does for the chronic illness community.

The prompts this month are as follows:

  • Finishing
  • Fatiguing
  • Easing
  • Comforting
  • Wishing
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Finishing – I’d managed to avoid Covid up until now, but a few weeks back, I succumbed. The first few days were dreadful, I slept virtually non-stop and had a terrible, throbbing headache. Once that was over, the flu like symptoms kicked in and whilst I am now testing negative, some effects such as a loss of smell and a cough are lingering. Nonetheless, I finally feel like the worst is over and that Covid is finishing with me, for now at least, and long may that continue.

Another thing where finishing is the focus is on decluttering I have been doing during the course of the year. I have been systematically sorting through items in the house which no longer serve me, clothes I don’t wear, items relating to hobbies which I no longer enjoy, books I’ve read and am unlikely to reread etc. I have sold what I can on eBay and the rest has been donated to local charity shops. It has taken me a long time to work through room by room, but I am on track to be finishing by the end of the year. And I must say that I have found a sense of release and freedom from not having so much stuff!

Fatiguing – Fatigue and brain fog are part and parcel of my daily life with fibromyalgia. Fatigue has been worse since I had Covid although at this stage, I’m not sure if it’s because my body is still recovering from the virus or if it is because I had a period of time where I wasn’t even able to walk the dog, and so I am just out of condition. Either way, I am finding that fatigue has been much more problematic for me lately.

Easing – It’s autumn here in the northern hemisphere and I’ve been easing into this season, especially since the clocks changed a couple of weeks back, meaning that the dark nights are here. I know a lot of people struggle in the darker months, but it’s my favourite time of year and I my mood is always boosted. I love to settle down in the dark evenings with a hot drink, candles ablaze and cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket, my dog and a good book. I love the autumnal colours, cool air, snow, frost, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, stews, soups, casseroles, woolly socks, comfy jumpers and of course, the holiday season. Yes the transition from the summer months into autumn and winter is always one that I ease into.

Comforting – As I mentioned above, one of my favourite things about this time of year is wrapping up in a blanket and having candles burning in the evening – for me this is part of creating a comforting space and generally makes me feel happy and cosy.

Also, I find warm showers comforting. I know that people often mention baths as a way of finding comfort, but often I find that running a bath and actually getting into the tub is just too much effort. Mostly I find it easier just to hop into a nice, hot shower, especially if I have gorgeously scented shower melts or bombs to make my bathroom smell like a spa.

Finally, I am also finding a lot of comfort in a daily journalling practice. I find the physical act of writing with a pen in a paper notebook is soothing in a way that typing on a keyboard never is, but more than that exploring journal prompts or even just writing whatever comes into my mind is, I find a comforting act.

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Wishing – I am most definitely wishing for the return of my sense of smell post Covid. It’s a sense that can so often be overlooked, but I so miss the smell of coffee and chocolate especially, although not being able to smell “eau de wet dog” is no bad thing!!

I am wishing a very happy holiday season to everyone in the chronic illness community. I know I am not alone in saying that reaching out through a community such as this is so helpful for those of use who are stuck at home and isolated due to chronic illness.

And finally, I am wishing the best of health to Sheryl who I know has had such a difficult year in 2022. Here’s hoping for a better 2023 🙂

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12 thoughts on “A Chronic Voice Writing Prompts – November 2022

  1. As always, so beautifully written. I’m glad you are recovering from Covid , do continue to take it gently…
    Thank you for your insights, muses and connection with us, the often ‘invisible’ ones.


  2. Thank you very much for reading and for your comment. It means a lot to me to know that others with invisible illnesses are out there and reading what I have written. Yes Covid is stubbornly clinging on for far longer than I thought it would but at least it’s moving in right direction now 🙂
    Take good care of yourself
    Sarah x


  3. Thanks for joining us once again Sarah, I so appreciate it! 🙂 I am envious that you have seasons there… It’s summer all year round in Singapore which gets a little boring 😉 Humid too. I grew up in Hong Kong and whilst the seasons are milder there, I still have lovely memories as the seasons change.

    Wishing you happy holidays with low or no pain! x

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    1. Hi Sheryl – thanks for reading and for the comment too 🙂 Yes I do greatly appreciate the seasons here. Oddly enough it’s not something I really thought about much before becoming chronically ill, but the forced slowing down has definitely made me more attuned to my environment. I am glad that you have such happy seasonal memories of Hong Kong to treasure.
      Happy holidays to you too, take good care of yourself xx


  4. I’m with you on the shower versus bath. I would love a long hot soak in a bath, but getting in and out of it became much too difficult. We have a small bathroom, so removed the bath and put in a shower. It much easier and the hot water hitting my back feels so good. If I could afford it, I’d probably sit in my shower half the day. I also enjoy the winter months with the darker nights. And winter food is like comfort food.

    I hope your sense of smell comes back soon but you did make me chuckle when you mentioned ‘eau de wet dog’. There’s nothing quite like it, is there?


    1. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Sorry to hear that you had issues with getting into and out of the bath but it’s great that you can find some relief in the shower. I totally agree about the feeling of water hitting your back, it’s bliss.
      My sense of smell is slowly coming back, which is great, but there was a definite whiff of eau de wet dog after today’s very soggy walk, which was much less good!!
      Take care


  5. Fab use of the prompts, Sarah! And I’m very sorry you caught Covid. It’s weird to see quite a few people saying how they’d avoided it for so long and only now, after vaccinations and the strain supposedly being less dangerous, have they caught it. Some of those people have lived normally all this time too, so it’s not like the change with no precautions has caused it for everyone. I’m glad you’re past the worse and I hope the full recuperation continues smoothly.

    Well done on the decluttering. I quite enjoy it myself for that therapeutic vibe but it feels like a never-ending task. We don’t have much space in this house so having too much stuff and an ever-increasing amount of medical stuff taking space away from everything else just increases that sense of messiness and anxiety. Good luck with the rest of it and celebrate each step because it sounds like you’re doing brilliantly!

    I’m with you on liking warm showers. But given how icy cold it has become recently, getting clothes off is really, really unappealing! Shame we can’t shower fully clothed.

    Here’s to you being able to smell coffee soon! Stay warm, snuggle up and look after yourself lovely.

    PS. Sending my very best wishes to Sheryl too, who has had an insanely rough and extra painful ride this year.xx


    1. Thanks for the comment Caz, lovely to hear from you and hope you’re as well as possible 🙂 Slowly getting back to normal after Covid thanks, but it is taking time, especially the cough.
      The decluttering continues but yes it’s a never-ending task really. I do feel a sense of accomplishment from doing it even if I know that stuff will slowly accumulate again over time!

      Look after yourself and keep warm and well 🙂
      Sarah xx


  6. I enjoyed reading your post, Sarah! It’s so encouraging to be a part of this linkup. I’m sorry that you got COVID, but I’m thankful that you’re improving. I hope you have a joyous holiday season.


    1. Thank you Lauren – great to hear from you. Yes I love taking part in these linkups and finding out how everyone else is doing, it helps to know that there are others across the globe whose lives are also affected by chronic illness.
      Look after yourself and have a wonderful holiday season too


  7. I enjoy nice warm showers too. I used to love bathing but it’s been a long time since I was able to get in a bath. I also enjoy mindfulness and journalling, it’s good to calm our minds and our souls. I’ve just recovered from Covid too, I had a short spell in hospital but the recovery from most symptoms was pretty quick after treatment. (I still have some lingering problems that were not there before.) I hope you are well now and get your sense of smell back soon.


  8. So sorry to hear that you had Covid and were hospitalised and I hope that any lingering symptoms clear themselves up soon – sending gentle hugs your way
    Yes I think there are a few of us that struggle with baths which is a shame as they are definitely helpful but just not possible.
    Look after yourself and thank you for reading and commenting
    Sarah x


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